Peter Bogdanov

The Legend Maker. AKA Mr. Bad Petrovich

Welcome to Legend Ink, my name is Peter Bogdanov. I am the owner of the studio and I have been tattooing since 1993. I run five art related businesses including Bad Petrovich Surfboards, The Petrovich Agency,, and The Tattoo Hotel. I am dedicated to providing master-pieces in everything I do. I hope my work inspires. Let me know if I can help you create anything...

Artist Statement
"I create because it is what I was born to do. I have a unique ability to read emotion and to fly forward boldly. To me art is the medium. Life is my canvas. Talent has no boundaries. Prolific and Gifted, I am an Artist with a capital "A." Vulnerable. Brave. Addicted to life. Here to inspire."

Tattoo Pricing
I charge a $350 minimum for a basic tattoo, $500 for moderate scale, $700 for my Sweet Spot and $900-$1,200 for All Day Marathons. I don't really consider myself to have a singular style. My stye is all about what you are after and getting you there.

The ability to design the human body has reached an unprecedented level in our human history. I don't just want to tattoo you, I want you to realize the full potential of your own personal legend. I hope to inspire you and create something amazing together.

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