Leon Primo

I started tattooing at 13 years of age on the streets of Orange County California. I was the product of broken homes. I moved around a lot and spent a lot of time behind bars. Luckily art found its way into my life. Whether I was doing graffiti, drawing or getting kicked out of tattoo parlors in Southern California for being a nosey kid! I wanted nothing more than to be an artist.

My Grandma Joyce taught me to water paint while she painted her beautiful oil paintings along with Bob Ross on the TV. Although I didn't really understand my passion or goals, I trudged on. I was a very motivated scratcher. I would travel and do tattoo parties until one day a friend, Thomas Major, who was going to Tattoo School at Hot Rod Betties in West Salem, OR, said “Dude! Why don't you go to school and get licensed"? I did just that. I studied under Rene Muzechenko, Emanuel Stockton and Jason Graham. They taught me to forget everything I knew and start over the right way. It is also the era in which I met Peter Bogdanov for the first time.

I got my first Job tattooing professionally at Bad Kitties Tattoo in Newberg, Oregon where I spent two years making a name for myself. I then opened Redemption Tattoo in La Grande Oregon. Seven years, 30 conventions and a dozen artists working under me later, and I still yearn for more. Bend, Oregon has always been a place of love for me because I spent every other summer here. My Mom, Grandmother and Grandfather are buried just 35 miles away in Prineville. I feel that this is home and this is where I will blossom even more. I am proud to be an owner of this amazing Legend Ink studio.

The Legend Ink Family
It is my honor and privilege to create for my clients and friends. Come with us on this journey of art. Be a part of the Legend Ink family. Come let us create with you. Thank you all for you constant support and friendship. I wouldn't be anywhere without my clients.

Tattoo Pricing
I charge a 175$ hourly rate and hold a $100 minimum.

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