Aldon Mystik

Also known as Mystik by many friends from all over, I got introduced into the tattoo world while living in Las Vegas back in 2005. Being that I'm born and raised on the beautiful Garden Isle known to the world as Kaua'i, I find my inspiration in all of natures natural mesmerizing surroundings. With very few job options for a local boy growing up in Hawai'i, I quickly decided that tattooing is how I'm gonna provide for my family. I have truly found my happiness, future, and a peace of mind while tattooing others.

Artist Statement
Being a local boy tattooer from Kaua'i, Polynesian tattoos are second nature and I want to show the world that us Hawai'i artist are fully capable of tattooing more than just tribal. I love black and grey tattoos and almost anything and everything with shading. I also really enjoy using colors and learning theories and techniques behind color blending. The beauty about tattooing is that it is art and every client is a walking canvas of my art. Not to mention, its never ending and there is always new things to learn as the art of tattooing evolves. So like the wise man said "Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality!!!" ~Bob Marley

Tattoo Pricing
I charge a 150$ hourly rate and hold a 100$ minimum.

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