Isaiah Bogdanov

Born in a family rich in artistic tradition.

Growing up in and around the tattoo studio along with all of its forms and variations it only felt natural to apprentice under my father, Peter Bogdanov. To me this was simply the next step to my life as I felt it should be. A life in fact that I've been dreaming about sense I think I saw my father Tattoo Mike Selin one of his best tattoo clients. I see myself going down a similar path, and thus I find my self here under my father's tutelage eagerly awaiting, and searching for each new client all so that I can fill my desires through granting them theirs.

Artist Statement
"I see art and all of its forms honestly as dreams. Whether they be dark or happy, dreary or enlightened it is all a vision of what we want, and sometimes what we need. Being in a position to help others in their quest to realize these kinds of dreams is how I feel I'll be able to come about creating my own. So come one, come all, I may be here for myself, but it is because of that, that I am here for you."

Tattoo Pricing
I charge a 160$ hourly rate and am holding to a 100$ minimum for every tattoo. I'm more than willing to listen and try out any ideas you'd like to make into a reality.

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