Aldon Emayo

"Don't Bury Your Thoughts, Put Your Vision To Reality..." ~Bob Marley

Aloha!!! My name is Aldon Emayo, friends call me Mystik. I'm a Kaua'i Boy, born and raised from the westside of The Garden Isle... I got my start-up in the tattoo world back in 2005 while living in Las Vegas. Over the years, I have grown to love all styles of tattooing!!! I enjoy creating and I love the fact that each and every tattoo has some type of story or memory behind it.

Artist Statement:
"The beauty about tattooing is that you can give the same design to 10 different tattoo artist and each tattoo will have its own uniqueness and artist style in the piece. I believe that I have a variety of styles to offer my clients and future clients. Anything and everything can be tattooed, the sky is the limit! If you can imagine it, let me bring your visions to life!!!"

Tattoo Pricing:
I charge a $160 hourly rate and hold a $100 minimum...
For bigger projects I can charge by the session...
Menehune (Half Day) = $550
Ali'i (3/4 Day) = $800
Ali'i Nui (Whole Day Marathon) = $1,000

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