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Aloha and welcome to Legend Ink Kauai. We specialize in tattooing island memories. We love to care for and tattoo larger groups as well. Our staff is excited to help you with ideas, designs and an overall experience of grand tattooing while enjoying the island.

Vacations are temporary, tattoos are forever.

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Our Studio

Donna Adelita has added her special touch to an amazing interior purpose built for your comfort before, during and after your tattoo sessions. Enjoy the Asian Antiques and other Cultural Furnishings that set the stage for world class tattooing. Legend Ink aims to be the absolute best when it comes to the creative process and the environment needed for legendary tattoo images. We want your visit with us to be second to none. Not second to another tattoo studio and not second to any service business in the world.

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Island Life

At Legend Ink Kauai we enjoy our island life as we share our talent and ability with people from all over the world. Our studio showcases art work from all our artists and our custom surfboard line Bad Petrovich. We invite you to come enjoy a tattoo session and be inspired by some of our island born art.

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When it comes to going big there is no other artist on the islands that does it better than our founding artist Peter Bogdanov. Take a look at his gallery to see a glimps into the world and art of this legend. It is best to schedule sessions with Peter well in advance as his time is in high demand. One of his favorite things to do is single day large scale tattooing.

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Our studio specializes in medical based tattooing to cover scars, stretch marks and help conceal and hide various skin conditions. Peter Bogdanov is known for his hyper realistic 3D nipple tattooing for cancer survivors and his amazing results with severe burn victims. The studio also offers cosmetic tattooing of eyes, lips and eyebrows.

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Why feel all the pain - get numb with Hush gel. Our pain relieving gel was designed specifically with the tattoo artist and client in mind. Developed for use before the tattooing session, its unique blend of botanicals, including aloe, reduces skin inflammation and redness. Hush Gel also expedites the healing process and is safe to use on sensitive skin.


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One of our favorite things to tattoo is flowers. Every artist on our staff has done many tattoos in several styles using flowers as the main theme. From the smallest ankle tattoo to full blown large scale body decorations, Legend Ink Kauai is the perfect studio on the island of Kauai beautiful flower tattoos.

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Bad Petrovich is in the house. Bad Petrovich is a custom surfboard brand that creates the world's sickest surfboards! Each board is custom panited by legendary artist Peter Bogdanov and shaped to each customers exacting desires. Our surfboards are high performance masterpieces that stand out in any croud.


Art on the water!



Peter Bogdanov and the Bogdanov family create art work on a grand scale. Check out our mural and real estate development services through We are loooking for some new mural projects in the state of Hawaii so if you know of a wall or building that could use our creative talent, please let us know.

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