Laid back and barefoot..




I have always been inspired by art, making my own and by others. I attended Kendal College of art and design with a major in illustration and a minor in sculpture. Through college I was a body piercer and counter person; in hopes of some day getting a chance to learn to tattoo. I finished my apprenticeship in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2000, and continue to grow since then. I've been very lucky to have been able to travel around and observe different techniques and style from a lot of very talented artists, always trying new things and trying to grow as an artist.

Artist Statement
"Laid back and barefoot. Trying to appreciate the beauty in everything and everyone."

Tattoo Pricing
I charge a $100 minimum and charge $150 per hour.

Mandee Lee

I hope my work inspires you. Please reach out and book a session today.

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