Isaiah Bogdanov

Legend Ink Linage

I was born and raised in the shadow of my fatherís tattoo exploits. As a result I quickly grew enamored with the life style, and would become an artist myself years later. It wasnít until about four years ago though that I could be a tattoo artist like my old man. Even then while we were in cali i spent most of my time learning the trade, and so never got a chance to show off. So... Iím headed back to cali! From the 1st of October to the 15th Iíll Be visiting the families old stomping grounds in biblical fashion no less as iím Sure a few of you might have guessed. Sense my name makes it so obvious that ye old not so prodigal son was on his way home. However Iíll only be there for two weeks so I hope you will all join me in striking the iron while its hot. See you all there in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge!

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Thanks for taking a look. Enjoy.

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