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Peter "Bad Petrovich" Bogdanov and The East Coast Godfather of Black & Gray Tattooing, Tony Olivas are opening Legend Ink San Francisco. We began the Legend Ink story by maximizing our own legend. The history continues as we gain the blessing of San Francisco tattoo legend Lyle Tuttle and Legend Ink San Francisco is born.

We are stoked beyond words to establish our second location of the Legend Ink brand of epic tattoo studios. Tony Olivas and Peter Bogdanov hope you enjoy the ride as we aim at creating the next Legend Ink tattoo experience.

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Peter Bogdanov began tattooing in San Francisco in 1993



Legend Ink SF - Historic Roots

Shortly after the time when Tony Olivas and the other original godfathers of black & gray tattooing such as Jack Rudy, Brian Everette and Mark Mahoney were redefining modern day photo realistic tattooing, Peter Bogdanov had opened his first tattoo studio in San Francisco in 1993. Two years into tattooing Peter would win awards in best tribal, best large tribal, most unique and best color by showcasing a painterly fine art style never before seen. While Tony Olivas would help define what black & gray tattooing could be, Peter was also busy crossing boundaries providing fine art for such clients as Olympic Athelete Picabo Street, The Black Crows, "The Who's" Pete Townshend, am/fm Radio, The US Post Office and other power house brands such as the NBA and NBC television. From these roots our legends Tony Olivas & Peter Bogdanov bring you Legend Ink San Francisco.

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Tony Olivas has led an epic career dating back into the 1980s sharing life memories with the greatest names in the business. Sacred Heart Tattoo is Tony's award winning tattoo studio in the the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Sacred Heart's flagship location in Little Five Points was founded by Tony Olivas in the spring of 1994. Sacred Heart also has locations in Norcross and Roswell. Legend Ink in San Francisco is the latest project by the godfather and you can book time with Tony for the very first time in his own studio on the West Coast. Legendary Ink by legendary artist Tony Olivas.

Peter Bogdanov has been tattooing since 1993 when he started Demented Again Tattoo on Potrero Hill. During his career Peter has mentored and employed well over 50 artists in the tattoo, piercing, retail and technology design industries. Legend Ink San Francisco is Peter's newest venture and you can find him here leading our team with the passion that has made him an historic part of the bay areas history.


Now Hiring! We have an immediate need for two tattoo artists to fill full time positions starting February 1st, 2017. Please email with qualifying portfolio. Must have a valid work visa and or be a US citizen to qualify for full time consideration. Tony Olivas and Peter Bogdanov will be conducting interviews January 17th to the 30th. Please share with your friends and potential tattoo artists. This is huge opportunity for the right artists to blossom under an historic and legendary ownership.

Legend Ink has supported H2Ocean since our opening and Tony Olivas is a Pro Team member. Legend Ink San Francisco will offer the full line of H2Ocean products both for tattooing and piercing. H2Ocean offers the widest range of safe, effective, and all natural tattoo and body piercing aftercare products available. From our Piercing Spray, Aquatat Tattoo Ointment, to our newest pain relieving foam soap NOTHING, H2Ocean products ensure proper care for your tattoos and piercings no matter what your skin type.


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